Young Single and Sexy

Going into the month of love single and fabulicious

As we welcome February. We welcome the month of love. For couples that’s the best month everrrrrrrr !!!!!!!!! (Rolling my eyes so far back I can see my brain) For the rest of us the single ladies club – not so much.

Question is, why does it have to be that way? Why can’t WE (and with WE I mean us singles) celebrate love like the rest of them? I came up with a master plan so here goes…. The 411 on celebrating love like a pro.

First of all we need to get a hold of that Aphrodite BITCH. The so called goddess of love and give her a big chunk of our mind. Doesn’t she know it’s not nice to play with someone’s feelings? Second is that Cupid dude with his bow and loooove arrow. Operation destroy him!!!

And finally – here comes the hard part – we as singles need to start loving life and ourselves. Dare to be different. Why must we depend on a partner to always buy us flowers and chocolates? Why can’t we buy it for ourselves?

I know no one likes eating out alone but sometimes one needs that long overdue quality “me” time. Book a seat at your favourite restaurant and order your favourite meal. Have a couple of cocktails and enjoy the attention of people staring at you thinking you must be crazy to dine alone.

Screw them. We must stop thinking about what others think. You do you booboo.

No one can please you like you. You know your favorite spots – go to town darling – masturbate to your hearts content. Laying down, sitting up straight, on your bed, in the shower, side ways, upside down whatever tickles your fancy. I even have the soundtrack covered while you busy. Come through “BOYS 2 MEN”

I’ll make love to you
Like you want me to
And I’ll hold you tight
Baby all through the night
I’ll make love to you
When you want me to
And I will not let go
Till you tell me to

Nothing says romance more then taking a long bubble bath with some french champagne (if you can afford it. I’ll settle for grape juice budget constraints) and covered chocolate strawberries which you feed yourself pretending it’s Zac Efron. Look!!!! Don’t judge we are all human, we all have fantasies.

Call your crush on private wait till he picks up giggle then drop the phone. Be a silly teen, it also works best when you do it with your best friend #Bestfriendgoals.

Enjoy a tub of ice cream with your girllllllll. Rita Ora said it best when she said: “Got my hands in the air gonna fill my tank and go. Me and all my girls gonna run around town. We can do whatever we want ’cause I’m young single and sexy. I’m young single and sexy London to New York City I’m young single and sexy.

Moral of the story is: being single now is part of your journey. It’s written like that so embrace it. When the time is ready you’ll end up with your soulmate. For now enjoy the little things in life. Like having your own bed so you can lay like you want. The TV is all yours no fighting over what to watch next. You can come and go as you please.

Now sing it with me all the single ladies put your hands up. No man, no stress!

Signing off


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