Years & Years Return

After an incredible debut album the Years & Years boys are back to Sanctify our sins

While reviewing the latest Years & Years song Sanctify it is very hard not to turn this into a love letter to talented lead singer Olly Alexander. To keep my integrity I will try… Years & Years debut coming out album signalled a bold step forward musically and new track Sanctify tells of lead singer Olly Alexander’s past love.

Telling the story of a relationship with a straight man is a bold choice for new music and not since George Michaels iconic Fastlove, has secret gay sex been put front and centre of a song. The religious feel to Sanctify tells of Alexander’s guilt and excitement that many gay men have experienced even coming across as confessional.

Olly Alexander has grown confident in his vocals and as a songwriter shows plans to tell a more personal story in the upcoming album. His soulful voice really projects the conflicted nature of the relationship but also the passion.

Sanctify has the familiar Years & Years sound with a somewhat haunting feel it celebrates the excitement of the relationship, adding to the song are two recently released remixes that no doubt will be heard in clubs everywhere particularly the fantastic Michael Calfans Prayer remix.

Now the integrity might go out the window… The video is visually striking with a sci-fi feel; it resembles Blade Runner with humans kept for androids entertainment. Olly Alexander looks incredible his own unique style and flair on display complete with striking red hair. Olly dances to the brilliant choreography like an absolute DREAM moving hypnotically and mesmerising the watching Palo Santo elders.

The new album cannot come quickly enough for us at GayBoyBible and from me personally Olly? Call me! Ok I tried…

Listen to Sanctify

Watch the video

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Written by Phil

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