Will He Like Me? A Gay Love Story

Broadway showtunes and American Standards are some of the most familiar songs in the English speaking world. While the LGBTQ community have given much to these songs and the stories they are part of, we’ve had to imagine for ourselves that they tell our stories. In “Will He Like Me?” accomplished Grammy nominated singer Philip Chaffin takes iconic music from different stage and film sources and reframes it to celebrate a gay male love story. The work is a project of love-in every sense-completed with Chaffin’s husband Tommy Krasker as producer.
At first, hearing a man sing “It’s a Nice Face” or “Cooking Breakfast for the One I Love” might seem like an artistic tribute to good songs. But Chaffin’s singing isn’t just a tribute or covers meant to showcase a talented voice. Rather, it’s an intentionally woven story of a man in love with another man. Unabashed, confident and relatable, he chooses songs that bringing to mind an honest picture of gay men in love. The giddy first feelings; the minor (or maybe major!) irritations that getting to know someone bring out; the hard-won steadfast love that grows from fully sharing a life together and finally the inevitable high price anyone pays for having a genuine and mortal love.
While Chaffin’s vocals are golden, the instrumentals are impressively full and marry with his voice perfectly. It’s a great and moving story. You can buy the album here: and get a taste of it on YouTube here:
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Written by Rev Nathan

I am an ordained Interfaith Interspiritual minister. I serve people of mixed religious backgrounds, no religious backgrounds, seekers, non-believers and anyone who needs ministerial services. I am married to a wonderful man, with two wonderful dogs, in suburban Atlanta.

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