What to do when you have a broken heart?

The universe is a very funny thing.

For some reason it is obsessed with balance, even to a minuscule level.

Like cutting someone off in traffic and two minutes later, getting cut off in traffic.

But there is balance in places you never even thought about or noticed.

So what does a heartbreak have to do with balance? It has a lot to do with balance.

First of all, the same exact thing does not need to happen to even the scales. The universe can even the scale in a different way, even though we would love to see that son of a b**** get what they deserve. You can have a pound of sand on one side of the scale and even the other side with a pound of feathers. When you get your heart broken, the universe gives you an amazing gift to even the scales. You’re probably thinking “how the hell is a broken heart a gift, this b**** is crazy.”

I am crazy but that’s not the point. Getting your heart broken is not a gift, it’s what comes after that is a gift. Before your heart was broken, it was set to a certain thing or person. It is hard to change when your heart is set on something or someone.

But when it gets broken, it is easier to change. You have the ability to get those broken pieces and create a new picture. You have the amazing ability to start from nothing. In a way, it’s a fresh start. But we have to be careful when we do so.

Once we put down a piece, it stays there. Creating a picture with broken glass is very difficult for many reasons. One being that the shards are very sharp, you can’t be reckless because you’ll get cut.

The other being that glass is fragile and if handled wrong, it can result into breaking even more. It takes time, patience, and self-love. Remember to always take your time and take care of your heart because you only have one.

Life gives you this gift after heartbreak to change, to become a beautiful phoenix who rises straight from the ashes. But like any gift, it is our choice to accept it. Will you accept that gift?

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Written by Memo

Hello!!! I am memo. I am 21 years old. I like to believe I am an average height but I'm actually 5'4. I like watching sunsets on a summer evening and long walk on the bea... wait, this isn't Tinder. Oops.
I love watching movies and eating.

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