Richard Theron’s Confessions of a Hopeless ❤️ Romantic

So… I am a hopeless romantic is that a crime? I want to meet him at a karaoke bar where I sing off tune and he doesn’t care cause all he wants to do is to get to know the whirl wind petite gay guy that takes his breath away. I dream of the day he goes down on his one knee with thousand of red roses surrounding the venue asking me to spend the rest of my life with him! I deserve the white picket fence, the beautiful home, the loving husband and kid. Is that so wrong?

Apparently the answer is yes cause in the modern gay society we live in its all about sharing nudies (I have shared quite a few in my days. So if you come across a nude pic of me that’s probably me) having the occasional no strings attached one night stand. (Which I am guilty of too, mind you) I ask you, what happened to the old school getting to know each other going on dates, the first date you need to constantly remind yourself to breath as you’re nervous as hell, will he like me? Will it have the perfect happy ending where the first date ends with a kiss that makes your knees weak?

The wonderful feeling you can’t explain when he calls the next morning just to tell you he really enjoyed your company and so the first date turns into the second the second date turns into the third and so a relationship starts to grow. The connection starts to blossom into something called “LOVE” a foreign concept too many these days as we don’t want love we want lust, sex or so it seems.

I get it darlings, we all want a bad boy but do we want the baggage that comes with them? He is not over his ex-boyfriend or he has an angel for a lover who’s so perfect that you hate him so much that you willing to be his bad bitch. HELLO Wake up call he is using you, taking advantage of your kindness and yet it’s still fine cause you want to feel loved, is it really love? You know what’s the worst part about this situation these days we’ve accepted it, it must be that way.

We will sacrifice a diamond for a piece of trash. Let’s face it darlings what is more hotter than a guy with good manners that treats you with respect makes you feel like royalty open the door for you takes off his coat so you won’t get cold, who surprises you with the little things in life making you breakfast in bed leaving you a voice note reminding you not to work too hard and that he LOVES you – there comes that dreadful word again LOVE. There is nothing wrong with wanting to be loved and in return you share your love with him.

I know what you’re thinking that true love nonsense only exists in movies reality check movies are based on real life events some of them, and at the end of every movie the moral of the story is love triumphs over evil always. And don’t be too hard on the evil villains they just got hurt badly and that broken heart never healed.

Lets recap instead of settling for just anything why not settle for everything you deserve to be happy, you deserve to be loved and treated like you matter you deserve to be swept away and so what if you are a hopeless romantic! LOVE makes the world go round, Adam found his Eve but was actually in love with Steve gays can’t help it that they’re cute, Bonny met Clyde, Shrilly met Laverne, Batman and Robin…. so I can go on and on and on. So darlings there is nothing wrong with wanting true love as true love always prevail.

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