REVIEW: Velvet Collar, Issue 1 – Unhappy Endings

If you are interested in comics and want one that’s been designed for the LGBT community then look no further.

Velvet Collar is a comic series for gay and queer-friendly readers, which explores the secret world of male escorts and sexual politics.

Dave Davenport, who has created iconic comic series such as “Hard To Swallow”, has teamed up with porn star Bryan Knights for the new comic. Bryan takes on the role of author while Dave is the artist.

Inspired by the real stories of modern male sex workers in America, the series focuses on 5 male escorts caught up in the Fed’s crackdown on a notorious escort website. The story does mirror similar real life events which happened just a few years ago.

Copyright: Dave Davenport/Bryan Knights

In some ways it may seem unusual to choose to focus on sex workers -especially male- to be the protagonists of the story. But in this comic it works. It gives these sex workers a life and a voice. The sex workers aren’t the usual ones represented in the media, they aren’t criminals, they aren’t victims – they are humans.

Bryan and Dave say about the series: “Velvet Collawould be the first comic series to focus not only on the lives of modern adult industry workers, but specifically on male-identified individuals. Explicitly, these are experiences of professionals who have voluntarily participated in the industry as legally recognized adults. This is not the same as those who have entered sex work against their will (human trafficking victims and involuntary participation.) The work does not endorse illegal activity. This work talks about what actually happens with both adult industry members and the people they are involved with.”

We get to see an insight into the workings of a sex worker and how they act around other sex workers, with their clients and with those loved ones at home. The series puts those relationships to the forefront. It gives us that insight into why they do it and how they accept the world themselves. It allows for us to see sex work in it’s true light and doesn’t live up to the stereotypes.

The beautiful artwork and character drawings have really helped to bring the words to life and help the dialogue to be lifted from the page.

In all, the comic series is one to look out for and worth a read. We know from just reading the first issue that there is so much more yet to give and we can’t wait to read on.

If you would like to purchase a copy of Velvet Collar you can email the author direct here:

Alternatively, you can find him on social media here: Twitter – @BryanKnightxxx and Instagram @BryanKnight66

Written by Philip Brown

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