Musicians You can Follow to Get Out of Bad Moments

We all have our moments, the good as well as the bad. But when we are in that bad place with a bad moment, we need something or someone to lift us out or at least to give us a little boost. Nothing at that moment is better or more effective than a good musician, and of course some great music!

Each of us has armor and nothing seems to penetrate into our souls with the prowess of music; each his own special preference:

Sam Smith

With his own heartbreaks obvious in his music, he feels our pains as well. Listening to him as he goes through those painful lyrics seems to make our own pains fade out in comparison. It is nostalgia and it is sharing, so it will definitely give us a mood lift.

Ariela Jacobs

She is bound to make you smile stupidly whether you want to or not. And when you just can’t smile, this songstress will make you smile with her folksy pop, light singing that touches the heart. She is rising quickly due to the genre that she depicts, that is, to say the least, refreshing in a world that needs it. Listen to her, you will definitely get what she is about.

Against Me!

Now, this is a band that has not beaten about the bush but has gone on ahead and made it their mission to expose and explore gender issues. Check out their music, and listen carefully to the lyrics as you go along – I assure you they are just great. You can search here for music concerts tickets without service fees to have an affordable deal.


Gentle tunes that go smoothly on to a slightly higher rhythm – they take us along with them – we feel almost instantly better. It is not just one or two songs, but it is the style of this band. But then, that should be obvious from the name of this band – Kindness.

Mykki Blanco

Be it investigative journalism, or making her voice heard – this musician has it all. There are no boundaries to the issues that are depicted in her music. One thing is for sure, you will find yourself lifted up along with the tunes that flow from the rich tones that are her music.


Lilting tones that do the work of magic as we listen to this young musician, with lyrics that are open in their meaning. It is good to listen to any issue handled so lightly along with those light tones that are the signature of this young artist.

Brendan Maclean

Unafraid, bold, uncensored – you name it, and he says it. Not just that, but he has also made his music graphic. It is shocking and acts as a wake-up call to pull us out of our comfort zones and see all that is happening in the world right there in his videos along with his hard-core music. You have nothing to lose, so get the experience of listening to this bold, award winner with the softly spoken words that are still too bold but so true.

There are many more musicians, but one thing is for sure music makes us feel better; all we need to do is find out our favored musicians, style, or songs.

Written by Gay Boy Bible

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