Meme Vanjie. Meme Vanjie! Meme VAAAAAANJIE!

RuPaul’s Drag Race has given us some unforgettable memes over its past 9 Seasons…but the first episode of Season 10 gave us the first that we can truly award 10/10 to.

RuPaul’s Drag Race is no longer just between us Squirrel friends. For the last few seasons it has become more mainstream and moved from its quiet little spot on Logo TV to a massive platform on VH1. This move widened the audience and expanded the show’s horizons further than ever, which is great for us hardcore fans who have been with it since the beginning. The production value has grown, the characters have become bigger and we have had some memorable memes that have worked their way into every day language. No day on Gay Twitter is complete without some of our favourites:

The Clown Queen of Drag, Miss Bianca Del Rio, can shut down any argument with one sentence.

Latrice Royale is all of us when people come for each other.

Tatianna is, of course, the go to for when it’s your turn to throw the shade.

As fun as these memes are, there are too many to choose from, but none are as iconic as the latest meme to come from the series.

Season 10’s first episode ended like any other, with the weakest Queen that week being told to Sashay Away. As usual the eliminated Queen took their moment to deliver a one liner…or in this case, three-liner:

“Miss Vanjie!

Miss Vanjie!


This hilariously surreal moment has spread like fire across social media with the quote being the butt of every joke. Miss Vannessa “Vanjie” Mateo, herself, has admitted that she loves how her moment has gone viral.

Speaking to Billboard Miss Mateo said:

“It is so funny, like, the other day I was standing outside of a venue, and someone drove by and they started screaming “Miss Vanjie!” Everywhere I go, they say “Miss Vanjie.” I was in the airport, and somebody started saying “Miss Vanjie.” I just laugh and find it hysterical. Like, I love it. It’s funny as hell.”

Here is a top 10 of the best memes that we’ve been gagging on so far:

  1. Here’s one to try later:

2. Just when you thought this one couldn’t get any better:

3. Why does this one work so well?

4. Iconic.

5. Heeeeeeere’s Vanjie!

6. I’m Lovin’ It!

7. Even Disney isn’t safe. Whatever happened to the innocence?

8. When Legends collaborate.

9. This is no game!

10. Finally, just like Vanessa Williams, we’ve saved the best for last.

It seems that everyone has had something to say about the Miss Vanjie, Including Drag Race royalty!

Even Mama Ru can’t help but share the love.

With all the fun being had, it was too easy to get caught up in.

It was sad to say goodbye to such a brilliant queen so early on but Vanjie has become a firm fan favourite with her unforgettable exit. Perhaps she might make a comeback at some point so we can “Get some of those cookies!”

With rumours abound about current contestant, Blair St. Clair, defying court orders after a DUI offense, we may see a space open up in the competition and an eliminated queen return.

Until we see our favourite again, have you created any more Vanjie memes that you’d like to share? Or do you have any favourites that aren’t mentioned on this list. Get in touch with us at @GayBoyBible and get sharing!

If you’d like to read the rest of Miss Vanjie’s Billboard interview, you can find it here.

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