Maroon 5 Concert Review

Last night I had the privilege of attending a Maroon 5 concert in my home city of Brisbane, Australia. And, naughty me, I thought they had five members, quickly learning they’ve had seven members for the past 7 years, Adam Levine being by far the most famous.

Swoosh me all over for Adam Levine is gorgeous! Even better in person. You could see the passion in his eyes and felt his charm and charisma radiating from the stage and deliciously hitting me in the face. It was evident during their performance, that after hundreds of concerts together (including the recent super bowl) that the band loved their work and respected each other. Much to my disappointment, Adam didn’t take his shirt off.

Having been fortunate enough to have attended my fair share of concerts and live performances, I am thrilled to be able to say that the sound quality was sensationally flawless! By far the best I’ve ever heard. In addition, the strobe and digital lighting were perfectly suited to the venue, individual song playing and overall atmosphere.

A concert for – let’s say, for example, Lady Gaga – will have exaggerated and over the top props, backup dancers and generally a theme or storyline. Maroon 5, however, has a different target audience, and were more focused on the raw talent of their band members, without the bells and whistles. This often means it’s more affordable and cost-effective to produce a show, which generally means cheaper tickets. #winning!

Cell phones! For every song a thousand phones were raised high, the owner choosing to capture the moment on video, rather than experience it in person. For me, this is something I don’t understand. At a concert, I immerse myself in the performer, their music, their interactions and observe their body language. I want to witness them as a human. The person I went with (who had never been to a concert before) spent almost the entire time recording videos, taking photos and then going as far as to start uploading them to Facebook. Definitely not style!

Thank goodness for Adam Levine! For the final two songs, he told (he didn’t ask!) everyone to put their phones away. Once the phones were gone, he encouraged the audience to join in singing, throw their hands in the air and dance to the closing song. Fun fact: life can exist without your phone glued to your hand. Gasp!

If you’re a fan of their music and know most of the songs, definitely try and see them live. You won’t regret it! Unfortunately, their Red Pill Blues tour has finished touring North and Central America, but if you’re located in Asia or Europe, you can catch them at your nearest major international city.

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February 23rd, 2019

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