Why does the LGBTQ community avoid sports?

In the LGBT community except for marvelling at say Tom Daley’s abs we tend not to take much interest in sport: the Olympics, Football, Rugby and even the upcoming Word Cup. The out athletes tend to be followed by their good looks and brilliant personalities (I’m referring to you Adam Rippon you sassy legend) and not there sporting talent. Ask anyone who identifies, as LGBTQ and I would bet that hardly any would have a memorable sporting memory. Does the LGBT actually community avoid sport?

My theory ranges from our experiences at school and sports general homophobia. At school PE can be a gay or lesbians worst nightmare. Weather we were not that athletically gifted perhaps or that the changing rooms were the place our young eyes could explore the feelings we were starting to develop. Sadly this can lead to bullying and might explain the aversion to sports by many even into adult life.

Does the lack of interest come from bringing up hard memories of school day bullying? A look on Instagram and you can clearly see a gay mans obsession with the gym. Why not football or rugby to stay fit?  At most pride parades you will often see gay rugby, football and netball teams marching.

When we look at music we have many artists to look up to and emulate. Sport however does not have so many options for LGBT people to look up to and those there is endure a difficult time. The media loves to bring our LGBT athletes down to out-dated stereotypes and focus on their sexuality. Tom Daley is fodder for the Daily Mail who has written shameful things about an Olympic medallist. Many sports have serious homophobic problems that must make it hard for any athlete to come out.

We need to celebrate and support our out athletes for talent. They dedicate there lives to their profession so lets get behind them and encourage more LGBT sports stars and perhaps even try it ourselves.

Agree? Disagree?

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Written by Phil

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