Letter from the Editor

For a month or two, all that I could talk or think about was starting 2019. I’ve designated it as my “clean slate” year as I’m leaving all the twenty-something mistakes and dumb-ass moments where they belong, in the past.

Quoting one of my idols, Carrie Bradshaw, “Your 20s are to make the mistakes. Your 30s are to learn the lessons.” She’s absolutely correct. I’ve made a mess of my twenties—honestly, more like setting off a nuke bomb destroying everything around me. Luckily, I’m turning 30 this year. A chance to rise from the ashes like a phoenix—renewed/reborn.

My twenties have taught me a lot though. To be more kind, never judge a book by its cover, love can come in different forms—not just sex or from a man, hang on to the friendships that matter most, giving second chances, thinking before doing, and it’s okay to be happy. I’m not trying to sweep the last ten years under the rug, but merely, closing that large chapter of my life and taking the newfound knowledge gained forward.

It’s perfect timing, to be honest!

Some may not be on board, discouraging the idea. Don’t let those people dictate or stray you away from achieving a bold new you. So, the writers of GBB and I have put together “clean slate” articles to help you get started achieving this outcome. It’s not going to be easy as there will be many moments testing you throughout this 2019 year.

Remember, rise from the ashes and don’t give up.

Written by Allister Dean

Allister grew up on a steady diet consisting of Sex and the City, Devil Wears Prada, Jen Lancaster, & Queer as Folk. He has dated, hooked up, and screwed up enough to provide insight on your love and lust dilemmas.

Allister Dean is the author of Deliciously Wicked and Brutally Bitter

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