Inappropriate Behavior Pool Party at Parliament Resort

Dancing, Music, Fun, and a little Escapism to kick off your summer!

Inappropriate Behavior Pool Party

Summer Pool Party? Sign me up!

Congratulations! We’ve managed to survive one of the worst winters on record. It was cold, grey, and miserable most of the end of twenty-seventeen and the beginning of twenty-eighteen. People were huddled in their homes, hoping for the return of warm weather (those of you who enjoy outdoor sports like skiing and snowboarding … what’s wrong with you?) but now, there’s hope! Temperatures are starting to creep back towards warm, clothes are starting to get skimpier, and people are starting to plan their social calendars for summer twenty-eighteen. One of the first parties I’ve heard about is the Parliament Resort Inappropriate Behavior Pool Party in Augusta and it is shaping up to be one of the best of the season, if not the best.

The Inappropriate Behavior Party

Parliament House inappropriate behavior pool partyOn June eighth and ninth, twenty-eighteen, Parliament Resort in Augusta is the location of the absolute must-attend event of the summer season. Known for being the premier members-only gay resort in Georgia, Parliament Resort hosts all male gay events throughout the year for men looking to escape reality for a weekend (or sometimes longer) in addition to just being a place to relax. Combining that experience with the hot summer sun, sexy men in skimpy clothes, and a great atmosphere had me running to make my reservations. (Yes, we can have coffee while there)

The Inappropriately Behaved Host

sexy gay male resort mavericLuck is knowing quite a few truly good people in your life. One of those people for us happens to be the host of the Inappropriate Pool Party; Maveric (@MavericAtlanta on Twitter. You’re welcome). The first thing you notice about him is his physique but quickly, you find yourself noticing less skin and more heart. He has a positive energy, upbeat personality, and can make you feel like you’ve been friends forever with his very active social media engagements. He’s hosting the weekend event, including a night at Edge that is sure to include incredible music, high energy, and a few performers coming in for the weekend. Performers that you do not want to miss.

The Well-Behaved Stars

sexy pool partyRemember where we talked about knowing some truly good people? Some of those people also happen to be some of the sexiest you will ever lay your eyes on. Brace yourself, okay? Go get a drink, carb load, get a doctor’s note; do whatever you need to prepare. *disclaimer: author is not responsible for heart palpitations, light-headedness, or a sudden loss of financial stability as you rush to buy your reservations. Some of the stars expected to be splashing about are (from top left) Maveric, Cris Knight, Atlas Grant, Seth Knight, Vito Golden, and Hans Berlin. All of them are sexy, confident, and mouthwatering-levels of handsome.

The author is not yet familiar with some of the stars, or their bodies of work, but is looking forward to a few. Hugging Hans Berlin (what? Our fascination for some of his adult scene work is legendary) and running our fingernails through Atlas Grant’s beard top the list of musts, right after spending a solid twenty to thirty minutes squealing in our room like a teenager at a Beatles concert. (okay fine, you’ll probably hear the same squealing during the seven-hour drive from Florida, too).

Splash, Laugh, Relax

If you aren’t a member of Parliament Resort, you’ll have to buy your tickets and make a reservation for staying at the resort. The tickets to the event are $35, plus your room. If you’re traveling with someone, buddy up in your room (or not. You know. Sometimes privacy is nice, too), but be sure to bring your fabulous self, a positive outlook, and hugs. We’ll be giving away hugs if you can find us!

Can’t wait to see you there!


Inappropriate Behavior Pool Party
June 8th & 9th 2018
Parliament Resort
1250 Gordon Hwy, Augusta, GA 30901

Written by Jordan

Things to know:

1. I'm powered by coffee and sarcasm.
2. I love to meet new people.
3. I have been involved with several marginalized communities, helping to bring awareness and acceptance, including the LGBTQ and sex work cultures.
4. I'm incredibly inappropriate at times.
5. Like the snowman, I love hugs.
6. I'm Bostonian (that means I'm loud and convinced of my own greatness)

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