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Fresh Faced with ava-J

Today I wanted to share my experience using ava-j skincare, a product I fell in love with just after a week of use. (I still have plenty to use too!)

Sometimes it can be hard to find a product that is suitable to use on very sensitive skin. But with men’s grooming becoming the norm and more products becoming available to use, we have the option to look around. So when my parcel of ava-j skincare products came through the post I was quite hesitant to begin but I’ve not put the products down since.

I think the fact that ava-j also state that “All our skincare products are Parabens free and not tested on animals” is a massive bonus too!

Carbo Carbonis Charcoal Face Wash (£14)

The first thing I noticed about ava-j was their amazing packaging. Unwrapping the bow and opening the box, the premium feel didn’t stop there which instantly made me feel this product was going to be good. Charcoal Face Wash is a must have product when it comes to skincare, with the powder helping to remove the oil and dirt from my skin. Only having to use a small amount on my skin, I felt the value for money was perfect. My skin didn’t feel dry, it felt refreshed and clean (something you’d hope to get from a face wash). The scent was lovely too – I would highly recommend.  10/10

Peppercorn Exfoliating Face Scrub (£15)

Now my issue with this was I really struggled to get the product out of the bottle. I had to keep undoing the bottle and mixing the product up – it felt like the product was too thick for there pipe.  But when I did actually get to the product, I again only had to use a small amount of product to feel the effect. Applying it to a wet/damp face (avoiding the eye area of course) and massage onto skin in circular movements and then rinse. It is literally that simple. It does state on the website that you can just use this weekly but I wanted to use it a couple of times a week. Every time I used it I did instantly feel my skin felt softer and revived. It is something I will now add to my weekly routine for sure. 7/10 (mainly for the bottle – first time I was praying for a pump pump squirt!!)

Sumptuous Sandalwood Body Butter (£17)

This product was the perfect one to help soothe my skin. I apply it after my bath/shower and leave it on overnight on my face and neck. When I say neck, I’ve been using this as a kind of post-shave balm as well and it’s been working really well. Sometimes I get a bit of irritation but the quality of this formula has really helped to calm any redness or rash whilst keeping my face super hydrated and nourished. The smell was lovely too!  9/10

NOTE: Some product(s)/content in this post may be sponsored or may have been sent to us to sample. What I can say though is all the opinions and views here are honest and my own. 

Written by Philip

When not writing for GayBoyBible, Philip can be found watching the latest trashy TV, reading up on the latest celebrity gossip, drinking gin and imagining life as a millionaire. Twitter: @MrPhilipBrown

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