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Danny Gogo talks telly, trolls and pride!

Danny Gogo makes regular appearances on our television sets, having appeared on shows including Naked Attraction, Dress to Impress and Pick Me. Below Danny answers our questions about life on the box, how he deals with trolls and what his plans are this year.

You’re mainly known for your television appearances. How did you get into it and what made you want to?

Television is all about having fun, if other producers like what they see then you might end up getting the call like I have done before.

I’ve worked so hard over the past years and hopefully this year I’ll get recognition for the amount of hard work I’ve given!

I applied online like anyone else and I worked really hard to make sure that I was known to every producer so that I could one day star in something I would be great in!

One show you’ve appeared on was Channel 4’s Naked Attraction, how did it feel to bare all on television? How did you prepare for that?

At first when I arrived in Manchester I was very nervous about being completely naked on television but once I was naked with all the other guys it really didn’t matter. We all got along really well and we were all strongly confident with our bodies.

I have been Go-Go dancing since I was 18 so baring all was not so hard. In a way you could sort of say I enjoyed it like any other strip show. Being naked is about being free and having fun!

Do you ever see yourself not appearing on TV? Or is it something you want to do for the rest of your life?

At one stage I thought I would never be on television again but when I filmed a completely different television show it made me realise how much I love the drive of it all!

What’s been the funniest thing that’s happened to you on one of the shows?

Being told by Anna Richardson to “Leave my willy alone!” on Channel 4’s Naked Attraction!

Danny Gogo appearing on Naked Attraction. Copyright: Channel 4

Appearing on these television programs, it must make you vulnerable to online trolls though – have you had any negative comments made about you? How did you deal with that?

I have never once worried about other people’s opinions from my television shows. TV is something I love doing and no one can say anything or do anything to take what I love away from me.

Yes I have had negative comments but I never reply that would just be me being nice to the haters. I just get back to me being my fabulous self and work hard for the next show!


Is there anything you want to do, which you’ve not yet done?

I previously auditioned for Britain’s Got Talent but failed to make it through so I would say a huge popular TV show. I would like to be on Big Brother or maybe work in panto or TV soaps!

My confidence has grown since the first time I did television back in 2012!

You attend pride every year and your outfits are always…dare we say…loud! What can we expect for this years?

Pride is the highlight of my year because our LGBT community gets to come together to celebrate one amazing and important event.

Without this event I would of never came out to my mum, i told her i was at Brighton Pride back in 2008 and she said “Doesn’t matter darling I could have driven you there!”

My outfits are so hugely massive because I am role modelling myself on someone who is gay, proud, confident and 100% comfortable with their sexuality!

Expect Glitter, Rainbow and a whole load of Go-Go!


What else does 2018 have in store for you?

I’ve just recently filmed my ninth television show and this one is probably the most controversial one EVER!

Unfortunately I can’t tell you but get ready for the drama mama!

Danny Gogo at Pride. Copright: Danny GoGo

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Written by Philip Brown

When not writing for GayBoyBible, I spend the time writing for my own blog too! You can follow me on twitter here: @CelebGossPB

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