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Bring Football Home for ALL the country

In an amazing football World Cup the country has real chance of winning! Why does this matter to the LGBT community?

If I was to ask any of my friends and you the GayBoyBible readers what is your most memorable moment in your life? Think for a second but would guess seeing Lady Gaga or Beyonce live, coming out, your first pride and the first time you went to Heaven. For me? The first time watching Manchester United live and the most unbelievable of goals. Yes, I am one of those gays who loves football. Not just the sight of Cristiano Ronaldo whipping his top off for his trademark Sì celebration. I love the beautiful game itself.

We are close to the end of the tournament and this article started out very differently, perhaps even cynical. Paddypower have raised a huge amount for LGBT causes and the English FA endorsed the flag featured in this article. In my heart of hearts I wanted to believe but like many football never seamed to come home. Amazingly England just two wins away from being world champions in an unbelievable tournament. But why should the LGBT community care?

Going into the tournament there are no out gay footballers representing their countries. While many of the countries heading to Russia have laws against being LGBT. In the UK Stonewall and the FA have been working together in recent years to stamp out homophobic terrace chants and also the brilliant rainbow laces campaign. The world’s richest and most televised league the English Premiership has at least addressed its LGBT fans but we still have no gay football player.

Imagine for a second that instead of marrying Victoria that David Beckham had announced he was gay. Playing for the best team in the country and excelling for England it could have changed football forever. We had that icon. Justin Fashanu whose suicide 20 years marked the end of a troubled life as the only out gay British professional footballer.

At London Pride this past Saturday the LGBT community and football fans mixed in a citywide celebration. Sadly there were a few morons around whose brains remained in the Stone Age and the disgusting antics of those vandalising an ambulance shamed a joyous country. I have many LGBT friends who watched and enjoyed the World Cup we are so close to ending so many years of hurt. Lets keep the special atmosphere where we mixed as one joyous nation going and all of us get behind (joke intended lol) OUR country. Because after all we all live on this amazing island that lets us love whom we love freely.


Written by Phil

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